City & surroundings

Step out of the B&B onto the street and you are in the middle of the city.

From culture to a choice of terraces, from the IJsselkade to the Bleek on the Martinetsingel, and then through the city gate to the Bolwerck: everything is within walking distance.

Just walk to the VVV ( and buy a city walk with or without a guide. Experience Zutphen.

Are you a walker? Put on your walking shoes, cross over and walk into the floodplains towards Wilp or Brummen. Or look further afield: the moor near Eefde/Gorssel, the Grote Veld towards Lochem, or from the town along the Berkel to Almen. Everywhere you go, you come across old country houses; those people saw it right centuries ago: it is endlessly beautiful here. In the winter, the nobility often came to the city, the large mansions – or better: city castles – testify to this.

Or take the bicycle. Within 30 to 60 km, you can make the most beautiful tours with the greatest variety. Take a break in an old-fashioned inn, lie down in the grass. Junction maps for cycling and walking can again be found at InZutphen.

Return to the city and to your B&B, take a shower and then go into town.

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